As Sarı Denizcilik, we continue out service to our valued customers both online and offline with more than 30 years of experience in the sector we are in.


In 2014 we are working with a much more reliable and experienced team by putting our company in a more creative configuration and moving our work to higher levels.

  • Boat Engine Repair

    We carry out painting, repair, replacement parts, internal and external cleaning of Bukh, Ford, brand engines.

    Boat Engine Repair
  • Boat Maintenance / Repair

    We fix the cracks and cracks that occur during the period when your boat is in antifouling paint and your boat is in the water.

    Boat Maintenance / Repair
  • Fiber Boat Cabin

    If your fiberglass boats are covered, we first cut the top compartment and take all the unnecessary items left inside the boat.

    Fiber Boat Cabin
Sarı Denizcilik

As Sarı Denizcilik, we continue our services to our customers, both online and offline, with our experience of more than 30 years in the sector we are in. By putting our company into a more creative configuration in 2014, we are working with a much more reliable and experienced team and we are moving our work even higher.


    To meet our customers with the best quality product materials and services at the most affordable prices.


    To open up to the world in the shipbreaking sector and deliver our products and services to our customers with full quality.

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